Getting Started with Film Photography

Recently I dropped my digital camera and it was a write off so rather than save up for a new one I wanted to get started right away as Ireland in May is my favourite time of the year for getting out and around Sligo County with a camera. Sligo is God's country and a Photographer's paradise. Time is short and I am not getting any younger.

I found out my local photo lab photofast is doing well in film processing and they even sell used 35mm film cameras too. My mind was made up and I did some research I want to share with anyone who is thinking of taking up film photography. All you need is a cheap 35mm camera, some film and a lab that will develop your film and scan it to CD. You get a CD and a set of negatives for around €6.50. By using film you can keep local folks in jobs. We are lucky to have a real photo lab in Sligo and I want to see them thrive.

What is a mobile friendly website?

Here I explain how to tell if a web site is mobile friendly and I include a link to a free online tool which analyses any web page and provides a screen shot.

Recently I had a chat with someone who runs a web site that was created back in the days when it was safe enough to create a website that is 960 pixels wide. However today a fixed width site won't cut it because people are now using multiple devices with varying screen sizes so what is required is a design that is flexible.

Rip Audio From Video Using Avidemux

You have a video but want to save the audio as a separate mp3 file. It's quite simple.

This post explains how you can easily rip the audio from any video and save the audio as a separate mp3 file. Your original video is not affected and you end up with two files - the original video file plus an mp3 file which you can put in your music collection and carry around in your iPod etc.