Rosses Point 1


Rosses Point (Ros Cheide), Sligo, Ireland. June 23 2015
Camera - Praktica MTL-5
Lens - Rikonen 55mm f/2.8
Film - Fuji C200

This walk starts from the Harbour just next to the Waiting On The Shore monument. Next we head up to the second car park just below the lifeguard station and take a stroll on the beach. On returning to the car park we head up to the lifeguard station where there are sweeping views from on high looking west and north.

Image number 2 is of Elsinore House where the legendary poet W.B Yeats spend his childhood summer holidays. Right next to the house is the Fisherman's Memorial and on the side of the road there is a grass verge populated with Ox-eye Daisies. You could easily shoot a whole roll of film from the harbour alone but it's a challenge to be economical and keep walking :-)

Images 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 were taken from the first beach and in the distance is the Blackrock Lighthouse. Images 11 and 12 were taken from the high point near the lifeguard station.

Why Photographers Love Shooting Film

Some people wrongly assume film photography is a dying and inferior art form and when you say you have a passion for shooting film they wonder. Why in this day and age would anyone pay for film and then pay again and wait for it to be developed and scanned to CD at a film processing lab. Surely digital is superior, quicker, cheaper, 'free' and easier. Yes and no. It depends.

Archiving Photographic Negatives

35mm Negative Sleeves
This is a simple system for tracking photographic film negatives and their digital scans without using image management software. It is easy to imagine how chaotic things would become if we didn't have a sound plan for matching digital images to physical negatives and vice versa.

Here I show how I batch process the scans on the CD which comes back from the lab along with my negatives. It's a simple and effective system which keeps me organised. I also explain how to embed meta data such as copyright into each image before posting online

Sligo Town Walk 1

This Sligo Town walk starts off in Market Yard and heads down Old Market Street and down the lane past Shoot The Crows pub to the Garavogue River. It crosses the footbridge to the Public Library and then we can re-trace our steps via the footbridge (where we can get shots we missed first time across) and up the lane and turn right towards John St at Shoot The Crows pub. We walk along John Street up to the Cathedral stairs. From here we can cut through The Peace Park and back out onto the Market Yard.

These images all come from a 36 exposure roll of 35mm Fomopan 100 Black and White Film and shot on a Praktica Camera with a Rikonen 55mm 2.8 lens. The film was shot on a warm June afternoon with plenty of sunshine.

1 - Beer and Rebellion
2 - Down the Lane
3 - Man on Bike
4 - Heron Bathing
5 - Garavogue Footbridge
6 - Flower Bed
7 - Sligo Library
8 - Garavogue River
9 - Tree
10 - Church. John St.
11 - Cathedral Steps
12 - Cathedral Steps
13 - Dappled Sunlight
14 - Cathedral Rear
15 - Cathedral Tower
16 - Sligo Peace Park